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Dora Machado

Dora Machado graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Georgetown University, but thinks that motherhood is by far the more challenging and rewarding accomplishment. Although she was born in Michigan, she grew up in the Dominican Republic, where she developed a bilingual fascination for writing, a preference for history, a sobering perspective of the human condition that permeates all of her stories and a taste for Merengue. As a teenager she had the honor of meeting Mother Teresa while volunteering for her charities in the barrios of Santo Domingo. After a lifetime of straddling such compelling but different worlds, fantasy is a natural fit for her stories. She lives in Florida with her indulging husband, her two extraordinary teens, her awesome exchange students, three very opinionated cats, and a goldfish.

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Or through Mermaid Press at P.O. Box 5480, Spring Hill, FL 34611. She answers her mail, both electronic and paper, personally (although not always in a timely manner) and she enjoys corresponding with her readers.

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